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Evolution of pizza


In 1905, the first ever pizzeria opened in New York. It had been a favorite of Italian immigrants, and had been discovered by the American soldiers after the World War II. The love for pizza spread throughout and what was before just an underground snack for Italian immigrants and a few Americans became a national hit.

To this day, New York has been the place to visit if you want to experience the pizza pizzeria style. New York is home to the awesome thin crust pizza loaded with toppings and cheese and smothered with seasoning. Add to that a slice of garlic bread or some heady pasta dishes. Anyone who has been to a New York pizzeria can agree that New York is truly the home of the Italian style pizza.

However, when the early 40s arrived, Chicago made a big change on the whole pizza business. Pizzeria Uno is the first pizzeria that includes a pizza on their menu, as the name suggests, that opened in Chicago. Ike Sewell, the owner of the pizzeria, created something different that brought twist to the New York pizza. Sewell baked the pizza in a deeper dish, making the dough rise and the crust thicker. The people’s response to this new look of pizza was phenomenal. It became a hit almost over night and people embraced this kind of pizza.

Presently, take a New Yorker and a Chicagoan, ask them what a genuine pizzeria-style pizza looks and tastes like, and you’ll find yourself between a heated argument. But no matter which kind of pizza you prefer, one thing is for sure; pizza has a history as colorful and intriguing as its ingredients, and it has surpassed many generations because of its appeal and taste.

If you’re going to any of the cities, New York, Chicago, or whichever else, and you’re feeling like you need a slice of pizza, make sure to go to an old-school pizzeria,check their menu, complete with the red and white checkered tablecloths. Order a slice and indulge to the good old traditional way of making pizza.

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