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Menus and Prices is a comprehensive, information-loaded resource for menus of different restaurants all over the city. The site does not require visitors to provide their personal information and data to be able to browse the website. Should visitors encounter pop-up ads or adverts that require their information and personal data,

Cookie Usage

Cookies are used in almost all websites today, and by default, cookie saving and usage is turned on. Cookies are not personal information, but nonetheless information from websites such as Menus and Prices that are automatically saved in visitors’ browsers to make each visit smoother.

When visitors come across a website for the first time, that website sends information to the visitor’s web browser and stores it there. The next time the visitor sends the same website, the cookie sends information to the website’s server and allows the website to track the web browser’s previous activity with the website.

In other sites, cookies may include information about the visitor or simply browser history. For instance, in Menus and Prices, visitors may notice that their search words and phrases may be saved in the website’s search bar. Visitors may also experience that when they search for the same restaurant for menus and prices that they have searched before, the browser may auto-complete the action.

Cookies are, therefore, helpful to visitors who frequent the same websites because the cookies allow for a more streamlined and more efficient web browsing. Sites such as Menus and Prices incorporate cookie usage because it wants visitors to be able to browse the website easily to find the information the visitors are looking for.


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