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Cookout Menus

Cookout Menus

Cookout Ideas for Your Next Outdoor Party

Are you thinking of hosting a cookout? For me, nothing can be more fun than cooking outdoors.

There’s something about cookouts that just bonds people together. Looking for cookout menus? Here’s a sample of what you can offer on when you’re feasting outdoors.

Ever since I was little, my parents would hold cookouts with our neighbors and family members out in our yard.

I loved the smell of burgers on the grill. Now, with my own family, I try to host cookouts with friends at least twice a year.

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Here’s a menu I love to serve:

Cookout Menus

– Grilled zucchinis
– Grilled hash browns
– Breaded mozzarella and basil fingers

Main Course:
– Grilled Stuffed Burgers with Cheese
– Grilled Chicken fillets

– Punch (spiked for adults)
– Watermelon shake

– Grilled Smores
– Melon Salad

Inspired yet? If you need more ideas, look at cookbooks and other recipes online. Just think fresh and easy to make! Enjoy your cookout!

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