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Slumber Party Menu

Slumber Party Menu

Slumber Party Menu

Are you setting up a slumber party with your girlfriends? Are you ready to invite your friends to come over? In planning a slumber party or let’s say a ‘sleepover’, one thing is for sure you couldn’t miss out, the food! You don’t literally sleep in this kind of party with your friends. You tend to just enjoy the night with some chats or gossips, drinks and a bunch of food while doing all your lined up activities. If food will be out of the picture, the slumber party will turn out to be a disaster.

Don’t let your girlfriends hit the hay and make a blissful slumber party by setting up the perfect menu. To begin with, here are some of the slumber party food suggestions for you:

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1. Pizza – Normally, you wouldn’t want to cook your food for the slumber party. To make your life easier, you can just contact your favorite pizza chain and order boxes of pizza that can satisfy your midnight appetite. Simply choose the pizza you want by visiting their website. That’s where you can check if they have special promos or pizza discount coupons to reduce expenses.

2. Nachos – Perfect with your choice of dip or even eat it plainly. You can even make variation of dips – cheese, beef, salsa, etc. A bag of nachos is good enough for the entire night of chitchats. In the nearest supermarket, you can grab your bags of nachos and even the dips to complete the snack.

3. Chips – In slumber parties, finger foods are the best. You wouldn’t want to mess up your room with stains and smelly dishes, right? So choose to get such foods like chips (corn chips or potato chips) and make it available throughout the night.

Remember, any slumber party will be way better with food. So before you hit the party, don’t forget to prepare your slumber party menu first.

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