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Do you consider yourself a hamburger sandwich fanatic? Then you better make sure to get your hands on one of the best burgers in the country (well, this side of New Mexico, that is), by dining at the fantastic Blake’s Lotaburger!

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Which is why we are truly excited in writing down this review (and we are truly getting hungry just reading and compiling information on this yummy burger joint!). We want more people to know just how amazing this place – we hope that you and other readers get to dig your hands into yummy meals from this place!

To get the ball rolling, here’s a short overview on how this gastronomical delight of a restaurant first started. What started out as a passionate business move by a World War II veteran (Blake Chanslor) last 1852, the humble burger stand continued to expand through the years.

With its great taste and amazing focus on granting excellent customer relations, Blake’s Lotaburger grew to be an amazing choice of a food escape for burger and comfort food fanatics nationwide.

Fun pop culture tidbit as well! Making the most out of spreading the joy and love of what the culture in New Mexico can bring, Blake’s Lotaburger has also been featured in what may be the best tv series of all time – Breaking Bad. Proving to be a staple of the region’s culture, it does come as no surprise that when New Mexico is mentioned, then Blake’s Lotaburger definitely needs to be in the picture as well!

Where’s it at? Blake’s Lotaburger Locations

Speaking of expansion, the simple burger stand that Blake Chanslor started turned out to be such a hit, with the franchise growing to more than 75 stores all over the country. Although a chunk of the branches are located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, do make sure to check your local listings for possible delivery opportunities – you just need to taste the amazing burgers from this place!

Blake’s Lotaburger Breakfast Hours

One of the best meals that one can get from Blake’s Lotaburger is its breakfast fare. We’ll be tackling more of the selection with the menu below, but do please get in touch with a nearby Blake’s Lotaburger branch to check out breakfast hours (schedule may do differ in each branch or establishment).

Blake’s Lotaburger Breakfast All Day

Additionally, there are some breakfast choices that have an all-day option. This means that you still get to enjoy breakfast goodies, any time of the day!

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What You Have Been Waiting For: Blake’s Lotaburger Menu

Finally, here’s what we’ve all been craving for – a break down on the Blake’s Lotaburger menu! We do hope that you’ll head on over to the nearest branch after reading this review to satisfy your hunger or curiosity!

The Awesome Burgers

Tried and tested, and even sticking to the original creations that the great Blake Chanslor developed, the amazing LOTA Burgers from this restaurant are not only delicious, but award-winning as well. In fact, a long list of accolades may just prove that you really do need try this dish out! Here are some of its awards:

  • Best Green Chile Cheeseburger in the World – National Geographic, 2006
  • Best Burger (and also Best Fries) – Weekly Alibi, 2009
  • Best Green Chile Cheeseburger in New Mexico – USA Today, 2016
  • Best Burger – University of New Mexico Daily Lobo Lo Mejor Survey, 2016
  • Best Burger – Albuquerque Journal’s Annual Readers’ Choice Awards

Now that’s a list! But what makes a LOTA Burger amazing? It begins with only making the use the freshest and best ingredients. No matter the LOTA Burger ordered, customers can only expect that they are getting premium ingredients:

  • The Best Angus Beef burger patties
  • The Best layer of Special Mustard
  • Slices of tangy and tasty pickles
  • The Freshest tomato, onion, and lettuce produce
  • Toasted buns

Of course, all ingredients are registered by the New Mexico Department of Agriculture, mainly assuring quality and freshness are packaged, delivered, prepared, and cooked in every branch.

For the choice on LOTA Burgers, consider this burger selection:

  • LOTA Burger with Green Chile & Cheese
  • LOTA Burger
  • ITSA Burger

Blakes Lota Burger

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Additionally, customers always the option to ask more! If you just need to get that burger fix going, go for the double meat and even the extra Hatch Green Chile and cheese options!

More than Burgers in this Amazing Place

Never be shy to explore a menu – there’s bound to be more than what a restaurant is pushing forward! And with Blake’s Lotaburger, it definitely is a surprise with the other chicken sandwich options available.

  • Grilled Chicken
  • Chicken Tender Boat

Yummy, indeed, with chicken to savor the need of something filling in New Mexico! But there are even great-tasting hot dogs available in Blake’s Lotaburger! From a jumbo to a jumbo chili choice, variety is one of the key ingredients on why visiting a Blake’s Lotaburger in New Mexico is definitely worth the trip!

Breakfast Menu for Your Delight

Lastly, the all day breakfast choices in Blake’s Lotaburger is heavenly. Just check out your choices:

  • Bacon Burrito
  • Sausage Burrito
  • Classic Burrito with Beans
  • Classic Burrito
  • Meat & Bean Burrito
  • Bean Burrito
  • Southwest Burrito
  • Carne Adovada Burrito
  • LOTA Breakfast Sandwich

Blakes Lota Burrito

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Wow, just simply amazing. These amazing breakfast burritos will surely hit the spot! Let us know below how your trip to Blake’s Lotaburger was – we are sure it’s the best experience you’ll have in New Mexico!

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