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McDonalds Menu Prices – The Dollar Menu Review

McDonalds Menu Prices -The Dollar Menu Review

McDonalds Menu and Prices

See How Easily You Can Save Money With The McDonalds Dollar Menu

McDonalds is arguably the most famous and richest fast food chain not only in America, but across the globe as well. Their quick service, delicious meals, and affordable menu prices have won the hearts of millions of fast food lovers. We live in a very busy world nowadays, and McDonalds is the place to eat if you want a quick and satisfying meal.

However, there was a time when this fast food chain was actually in big trouble. Its shares were dropping because individual branches were increasing their menu prices in order for them to earn money. Thus, the management of McDonalds decided to implement a uniform pricing scheme for some of its bestselling meals.

This is how they came up with the Dollar Menu. This menu is a selection of foods and drinks that are being sold for only US$1. Thus, it becomes more affordable and enticing to the regular American. Now, individual branches of the fast food chain had to follow this Dollar Menu or else customers would just eat another McDonalds branch which is probably only a few minutes away.

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How To Treat Yourself To A McDonalds Feast Without Going Broke

Some of you may be thinking that there must be a catch to the unbelievably cheap price. Perhaps the food does not taste good, or the amount of food will be too little, or the food will be unhealthy. But, there is no need to worry because you will be able to enjoy all the McDonalds foods you love, only at a much cheaper rate.

Items included in the Dollar Menu include the Double Cheeseburger, McChicken Sandwich, Side Salad, Ice Cream Sunday, 4-Piece Chicken McNugget, Small Fries, and much more. But, this is only for the lunch and dinner menus. They also offer this discounted menu for plenty of their breakfast items.

If you enjoy eating in fast food restaurants then you should eat in the very best fast food chain in the world – McDonalds. You will not only enjoy your favorite meals, but you can now purchase them for a hugely discounted price of only US$1. The McDonalds menu is truly unbeatable when it comes to both taste and price.

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