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Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving Menu

How to Create a Fantastic Thanksgiving Spread

Greetings, pilgrims, Thanksgiving is here once more! Yes, it’s once again time to crank up your oven and bake the perfect turkey and pumpkin pie. Looking for tips on how to create a gastronomic spread everyone will thank you for?

Here’s a menu that will surely make this Thanksgiving something everyone won’t forget.Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, next to Christmas.

It’s a wonderful time to gather friends and family around a table to give thanks for the fast-dying year. Because Thanksgiving is really important to me, I really set aside time to prepare for it.

I spend about a week in advance thinking about the menu, decorations and guest list. The two days before Thanksgiving I reserve for sprucing up the house and cooking up a storm.

Looking for inspiration? Check out my menu last year to get your ideas flowing:

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See What Goodies You Can Cook Up This Thanksgiving

– Nuts (almonds, cashews, pistachios)
– Grapes
– Gourmet cheese and crackers
– Potato chips

– Roasted Turkey (baked with butter, herbs, garlic and apples)
– Stuffing (with sausages, celery, onions, apples and carrots)
– Pot Roast
– Pasta with Pesto Sauce

– Mashed Potatoes
– Cranberry Sauce

– Pumpkin Pie
– Red Velvet Cake

– Wine
– Soda
– Juice

Feel free to alter this Thanksgiving Menu to suit your taste. Happy holidays, pilgrims!

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