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Why Follow A Dash Diet Menu?

Why Follow A Dash Diet Menu?

Why Follow A Dash Diet Menu?

How To Solve Your Hypertension Problem With The DASH Diet

Are you currently are in danger of suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure? If so, then you should start thinking about changing your eating habits. You should consider following a DASH diet menu for all your daily meals. The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet has been proven to lower blood pressure significantly within only 14-28 days.

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This dietary method has been approved by numerous medical associations in America and is prescribed by numerous physicians in the country as well. Unfortunately, this diet alone cannot help those who are suffering from very high blood pressure. It instead works well when taken in combination with medicines prescribed by your doctor.

A variation of the two thousand calorie a day diet, the DASH diet will be able to help you maintain a healthy weight and even lose some unwanted weight as well. You should remember though that regular exercise will also help in solving your weight and hypertension problems. Below, I will discuss what consists of a good DASH menu.

See How Easily You Can Follow The DASH Diet Menu

Basically, the DASH diet comprises of low salt and low sodium foods such as grains, fruits, and vegetables. This also means you eat less of fish, meats, nuts, fats and sweets. This method of eating is a very healthy one. However, this comes at the price of the method diet being extremely difficult to follow at first.

This will entail you constantly looking at the nutrition boxes of everything you eat and having a calculator and piece of paper on-hand to make sure you do not eat too much of one food group. If this seems intimidating to you the best solution would be to search online or purchase books containing pre-made menus for you to follow.

Following tried and tested menus will make it much easier for you to follow because you know what kind of groceries to buy, and what food to order from the restaurant menu when eating out. If you have hypertension or if you are in danger of reaching this state then you should definitely follow a DASH diet menu.

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