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Enjoy the Burger King Dollar Meals – Burger King Menu Prices

Enjoy the Burger King Dollar Meals - Burger King Menu Prices

Burger King Menu Prices

Who Else Wants To Eat Like A King, For A Dollar Or Less?

If you are looking to eat delicious fast food meals at bargain prices, then you might want to give a few Burger King dollar meals a try. The fast food has introduced a lineup of meals that only cost US$1 each. The servings may be a bit small, but ordering around three of these dollar meals should be filling enough for the regular American.

There are loads of items from the menu that you can get for the bargain price. For example, you can order a cheaper version of the famous Whopper Jr. Burger. Unlike in other burger fast food chains, Burger King still puts all the usual toppings on their burger, although there are significantly less of these than in the regular Whopper. It tastes just as good as well.

You can also order Regular Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers for prices that are even less than a dollar each. These burgers taste really good despite their being heated in the microwave instead of being grilled on-the-spot. The presentation of the product is very good as well. It looks very appetizing, unlike burgers from other fast food chains that look really greasy.

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You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Eat Like A Burger King

Aside from burgers, Burger King also serves other items from their menu at bargain prices. Chicken Tenders is the perfect meal for kids. Each order comes with four pieces of chicken strips that closely resemble chicken nuggets in size. For adults, this would work better as a side dish to complement your main meal.

This fast food also serves cheap drinks in the form of the Value Shake. While the drink may be smaller in size that what most would expect, it makes up for its size with its refreshing taste. Aside from these, the drink seems to be more healthy (or at least less unhealthy) than the shakes provided by other fast food chains.

This is only a few of the many Burger King meals and drinks that you can order for a dollar or less. If you enjoy eating in fast food restaurants and you are looking to eat a good meal at a bargain price, then you should definitely visit your nearest Burger King branch soon.

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