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The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Menu

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Menu

Who doesn’t love a good cup of hot coffee, right? Or even, who will say no to a steaming cup of freshly brewed tea? I bet you won’t. There are indeed thousands of cafes in the country and even a hundred around your place to choose from. Most of them even come from other countries destined to deliver quality coffee beans and tea leaves for our appetite. And Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is one of them.

Coming from the United States, this café started way back 1963. As of just this 2014, they are already serving endless cups to 900 stores in US and in 24 countries. Their menu primarily consists of hot coffee and iced tea drinks, Original Ice Blended coffee and tea drinks, flavored powders, whole bean coffees, whole leaf teas, and baked goods.

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More specifically, each category is divided into sub-categories, depending on the taste and preference of the customer. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s coffees are classified into seven categories: Flavored, Reserve, Dark & Distinctive, Light & Subtle, Light & Distinctive,

Decaffeinated, and Medium & Smooth. Annually, their 900 branches roasts an approximate of 900 million pounds of coffee – all made by hand at their roasting center in California. Moreover, the exquisite coffee beans they are using come from various countries like Thailand,

Jamaica, Colombia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Costa Rica. On the tea side, their tea also come in seven variants – Oolong, Black, Decaffeinated, Flavored, Green, Herbal Infusion and Tea Master’s. Like with their coffee, their teas are handmade at California.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf food menu

Their most popular tea drink is the Chai Tea Latte, which was initially sold in 1998. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf also printed freshly baked goodies to match with their drinks on their menu. They sell muffins, Banana Caramel slice, Biscotti, Pan de sal, Lemon Square, Stroopwafel, Raisin Scone, and Blueberry Bagels. Aside from that, they also serve cakes, cheesecakes, and pies.

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