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Are you up for an American gastronomical experience like no other? Perhaps you want something filling, something truly spectacular that you can be sure you’ll be coming back for more? Well, then, look no further – Chili’s is definitely the best place to satisfy your cravings for delicious and exciting American cuisine!

A Snapshot on Chili’s History

Conceptualized and founded by Larry Levine in 1975, Chili’s originally was supposed to be an informal yet full-service dining restaurant that served different types of hamburgers at an affordable or reasonable price. Levine’s original concept did prove to be a success, with 28 Chilis locations spread all throughout the Texas region.

Considering the location, a Southwest décor was implemented in the restaurants. Additionally, the first Chili’s restaurant, which was originally a post office on Greenville Ave. (found in the Vickery Meadows area, Dallas), was converted into a hip and popular diner – talk about innovation!

But let’s discuss more about the food – after all, this is what makes Chili’s great! Even throughout all these years, Chili’s has constantly pushed the envelope in crafting and cooking great dishes for customers. And the even more impressive factor in this is that this restaurant has still managed to retain the honest and true-to-good quality of what makes its food awesome, by retaining that authentic Tex-Mex style cuisine!

Chili’s Restaurant Menu

To give you an idea of what Chili’s has to offer (and, of course, to whet your appetite), we’ve created a summary of what are the typical dishes served in this restaurant (take note that this isn’t a complete list – menu differs per branch, and we’d like to just give you an idea! Best of course to savor the best of these dishes by actually dropping by a Chili’s branch to experience the gastronomic journey!):


Great choices to start your Chili’s feast!

Loaded Boneless Wings

Chilis Loaded Boneless Wings

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Yummy and cheesy chicken wings! This dish comes with a special house-made ranch sauce.

Southwestern Eggrolls

Chilis Southwestern Eggrolls

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A great reinvention when it comes to the humble eggrolls. Packed with chicken, corn, black beans, jalapeño Jack cheese, spinach, red peppers, and wrapped in crispy flour tortillas, this wonderful appetizer also comes with special avocado ranch.

California Grilled Chicken Flatbread

Chilis California Grilled Chicken Flatbread<

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Some bread to begin with? Make sure to go for this appetizer. This flatbread is a distinct flavor combination of chicken, bacon, avocado, Jack cheese, mozzarella, garlic aioli, cilantro, pico, and of course, the special cilantro-ranch pesto.

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Classic Nachos

With a choice of either Fajita Chicken or Fajita Beef, this heavy appetizer is a pleasurable dish to dig into! Chili’s Classic Nachos are served with pico and sour cream.

Chilis Classic Nachos

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Texas Cheese Fries

Chilis Texas Cheese Fries

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Oh, joy! Served with house-made ranch, these yummy fries come with bacon, green onions, jalapeños, and lots of shredded cheese! Comes in half and full orders if you just can’t get enough!

Fresh Guacamole

Up for something fresh and tasty? This appetizer is made daily, assuring customers that they’re getting fresh avocados, tomatoes, cilantro, red onions, and jalapenos! Comes with salsa and warm tostada chips!

Chilis Fresh Guacamole

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Bigger Big Mouth Burgers

One of the best offerings that Chili’s is proud to present!

Ultimate Bacon Burger

Chilis Ultimate Bacon Burger

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Oh, what a glorious delight! Bacon makes everything better, and Chili’s capitalizes on this idea.

Sunrise Burger

Chilis Sunrise Burger

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Top of the morning, and the best way to start the day is with a cage-free fried egg in a burger!

Guacamole Burger

Chilis Guacamole Burger

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Who would have known that guacamole would work best in a burger?

Ribs and Steaks

Heavy and filling dishes to satisfy your cravings!

6 oz. Classic Sirloin with Grilled Avocado (420 cal)

Chilis 6 oz. Classic Sirloin with Grilled Avocado (420 cal)

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A perfect blend of greens and meat. Served with a generous serving of fresco salad.

Classic Ribeye

Chilis Classic Ribeye

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A thick-cut marbled steak. A filling meal that also comes with steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes!

Fajitas and Enchiladas

Massive – these dishes are now served with 48% more steak and chicken!

Chicken Enchiladas

Chilis Chicken Enchiladas

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Three cheesy large enchiladas in sour cream sauce, cilantro, corn, and black bean salsa. Also comes with black beans and Mexican rice!

Black Bean and Veggie Fajitas

Chilis Black Bean and Veggie Fajitas

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Vegetarians will surely delight with this offering. Made fresh with asparagus, tomatoes, corn, black bean salsa, black bean patty, avocado, and queso fresco. Also, this dish is drizzled with a spicy chile-lime sauce – just perfect for an exciting feast!


All sandwiches come with a generous serving of fries!

Bacon Chicken Ranch Sandwich

A crispy chicken sandwich! Comes with spicy Buffalo sauce and house-made ranch smothered on a brioche bun!

California Turkey Club

Chilis California Turkey Club

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Considered a light meal (but, in reality, it’s really filling!), this sandwich is a flavorful explosion of avocado, tomato, red onion, lettuce, provolone, among others, on wheat Texas toast. Comes as well with cilantro-pesto mayo!

Like we said, the best way to get to know the dishes is to do it up close and indulging in the taste experience! Visit the nearest Chili’s branch today!

Chili’s Specials

We’d also like to point out several specials found in Chili’s – you just may want to try these out too!

Smokehouse Combos

Smokehouse Combos

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The ultimate Tex-Mex taste experience. Comes in the “normal” and ultimate variants, this is a solid platter of the best staples from this type of cuisine.

Guiltless Grill

We’re considering these choices as a special – health aficionados deserve only the best. And even Chili’s knows that, by offering a delectable variation of lighter menu choices (without losing out on the taste quality, of course!)

Ancho Salmon (590 cal)

Chilis Ancho Salmon (590 cal)

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Seafood delight! Yummy and served with steamed broccoli and Mexican rice!

Mango-Chile Chicken (460 cal)

Chilis Mango-Chile Chicken (460 cal)

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A touch of mango just doesn’t make a dish light – flavor is accentuated as well. Combined with chile spices, and you’re bound to have a light but satisfying meal!

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