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Soup & SaladsPrice
grandma's com chowder100
asian sunshine salad190
banapple's potato salad130
super caesar salad190
banapple's house salad190
meatloaf burger230
california crabstick and mango sanwich200
rafael's maple glazed ham and honey mustard sandwich200
warm chicken salad sandwich200
terrific tuna sandwich200
crunchy chicken fillet & bell pepper sandwich210
Fluffy PancakesPrice
chocolate peanut butter pancakes190
buttermilk pancakes180
awesome blueberry pancakes190
banapple bacon meatloaf250
baked fish gratinee with scalloped potatoes250
herbed chicken rolls with basil cream sauce250
breaded fillet of cream dory with honey thyme mustard sauce250
bacon fried chicken steaks with milk'shroom gravy250
salpicao rafael275
chicken parmigiano250
hickory smoked barbecued country ribs275
crisp pork scallopini with sour cream sauce250
pan-fried porkloin with herb mushroom gravy260
banapple beef & sausage stew275
boneless bangus a la pobre250
hallow mallow s’mores pie1501125
gobblin gobblin’s pie1451085
coffee toffee roca pie!1351005
myster-reese’s wicked pie1401045
fudgymudgymud pie1351005
chocolate chip walnut pie130965
apple caramel crumble pie1351005
banoffee pie130965
Cakes and Cake LoavesPrice/SlicePrice/Whole
banapple sweet bread (apple-banana)185
glazed almond and carrot loaf185
hearts all over carrot cake1451345
honeylovin' crunch cake1451345
old-fashioned chocolate cake1351245
supercaramel fudge cake1351245
very berry custard cake1401295
Savory PiesPrice
cheese & mushroom pie65
savory tuna pie65
creamy chicken pie65
apple muffin85
oatmeal and blueberry muffin85
chocolate crumb muffin85
banana nut muffin85
burst of blueberry muffin85
chocolate chip brownie overload85
cookie fudge crinkles85
oatmeal power cookie85
fat & chewy chocolate chip cookie85
double chocolate chip oatmeal cookie85
cherry chocolate truffle cheesecake1601495
chocnut oreo cheesecake1501395
oreo brownie fudge cheesecake1501395
old gold oreo cheesecake1751965
snicker fudge cheesecake1501395
two-nut caramel cheesecake1401295
strawberry crunch cheesecake1401295
white chocolate truffle berry cheesecake1501395
santa's chipper chocolate cookie cheesecake1501395
blueberry cheesecake1401295
dark chocolate tiramisu cheesecake1601495
Hot BeveragesPrice
flavored tea75
hot choco120
cafe mocha120
cafe late120
Cold BeveragesPrice
sodas in can70
iced choco115
iced mocha120
iced latte120
iced coffee120
blended passionfruit tea85
lime lemonade soda85
homemade brewed iced tea75

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