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Why And How To Choose From The Starbucks Menu

Why and How To Choose From The Starbucks Menu

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Don’t you hate it when it’s your turn to order your Starbucks drink, you look the large Starbucks menu in front of you then your mind goes blank from having too many choices? The barista is trying to keep that sweet smile on her face, but her eyes are yelling “Hurry up!” You look behind you to see a long line of other customers giving you that same impatient stare.

There is a simple solution to this problem, you know. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with the variety of drinks available in their menu. Let us start with the three different drink sizes. If you are a regular customer of this coffee shop you would know that the sizes are as follows: (1) Tall = their smallest sized drink, (2) Grande = their medium sized drink and (3) Venti = their large sized drink.

The next thing you need to know is what kind of drink you want. Do you want to order a cup of coffee, espresso, tea, or something else (milkshake, frappuccino, hot chocolate, etc.)? If you wish to order coffee, do you want it hot or iced? Keep in mind that iced coffee is literally the coffee you order except that it has ice in it.

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See Why So Many Love Drinking Starbucks Coffee

It would take a much longer review to list and describe each and every item in the Starbucks Menu, so instead I will review my favorite drink – White Chocolate Mocha. I love drinking the hot version of this drink in the morning before I go to work because they work great in waking me up. Likewise, I like my coffee sweet and this flavor is really sweet.

On the flipside, this drink is one of the more expensive in their menu. Menu prices for the different sizes of this drink are as follows: (1) Tall = US$3.20, (2) Grande = US$3.75 and (3) Venti = US$4. Yes, it’s quite pricey indeed. But, if you have the money this is one of the best drinks the whole restaurant menu of this coffee place.

Starbucks continues to one of the favorite coffee shops in America and the whole world because they serve great coffee at affordable rates. They even allow you to customize your drink in case you want an extra shot or an added layer of whipped cream. Do you want to have your fill of the best naturally grown coffee ever? Then visit your nearest Starbucks branch right now!

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