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Captain D’s Menu

image source: Captain D’s is a fast-casual restaurant based in Donelson, Tennessee, USA. They specialize in fish and chips and generally seafood. They currently introduced grilled goodies in their menu. The first branch of Captain D’s opened in Tennessee in 1969 and started off as Mr. D’s. Despite their long-time competitor Long John Silver’s, Captain D was awarded

Chick-fil-A Menu

image source: Chick-fil-A is a chain of fast food restaurants from USA currently based in College Park, Georgia. They specialize mainly on chicken sandwiches. It was founded by S. Truett Cathy in May 1946 which began as Dwarf Grill. Currently Chick-fil-A already has 2000 branches inside the United States. The Dwarf Grill first opened in Hapeville, Georgia and

Baskin-Robbins Menu

Baskin Robbins is the world’s biggest chain of ice cream shops around the globe. It was founded in Glendale, California by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins in 1945. They were known for their slogan “31 flavors” where they created 31 different flavors of ice cream for each day of the month. Baskin Robbins is also famous for their taste

A&W Menu

A&W Restaurants, Inc. is a group of fast-food restaurants famous for their beverages, particularly their draft root beer and their root beer float. It all started when founder Roy W. Allen opened a root beer stand in Lodi, California in 1919. In 1923, Allen and one of his employees Frank Wright opened the first ever A&W restaurant in Sacramento,

Waffle House Menu

Waffle House, Inc. is an American restaurant chain founded by Joe Rogers Sr. and Tom Forkner in 1955. Their first branch opened at 2719 East College Avenue on Labor Day weekend of 1955 in Avondale Estates, Georgia. As of the moment, they already have more than 2000 location opened in over 25 states in the US. Most of them

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